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Putting in
the Work!

Wellness Action Recovery is a non-profit that provides solutions through ACTION. We pair people with community resources, FREE QPR (Question Persuade Refer) Suicide Prevention Training, and mental health events, to help them and encourage them to find good healthy coping skills to get on and stay on the road of wellness.  Education is key to stopping suicide and STOMPING out the negative stigma that surrounds mental health and suicide.  By putting in the work DAILY, RECOVERY is possible!


I Am Here:
Fonda's Story

As each year passes, I am more grateful that I am here. When my Aunt Spankie saved my life, I had no idea how my life would change others.  I never take it for granted.  As bad as that day was, it changed my life for the better.  Today, my goal and my passion are to STOP suicide through education.  Being a QPR certified instructor has given me the opportunity to repay the favor for what my Aunt Spankie did for me.



There are so many ways for you to get involved with Wellness Action Recovery and learn how to save a life. 

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Suicide is everybody's business. Attend one of our events to support our mission of saving lives.



“Miss Fonda is a hero. What’s she is doing is changing lives. Take the time to take her QPR class to learn the signs and facts of depression.
You could end up saving someone else’s life as well."

Chaz Ah You

"[Fonda] You have a special gift.  Where it comes from, I know not.  But if you could can it and teach it, many lives would be saved from suicide."

Paul Quinnett, Founder & CEO of the QPR Institute

Thank you so much for offering this opportunity to help people through better awareness and action. I apologize for crying a few times during your presentation, I worry I might have been a distraction. The sharing of your story and the stories of others while guiding us to be more proactive without judgment really touched me.  Thank you again for your time, expertise, and involvement. 

Maria N.

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