You're NOT Alone

Mission Statement

A mental health and suicide prevention nonprofit that believes in putting in the work through healthy choices, education, and action to stay on the road of mental wellness and recovery.   

"Thank you for your support and all the good you are putting into the world." 

Kym Hilinski
Hilinski Foundation

"You are so vital for our community!"

Jennifer Roberts

Former Mayor of Charlotte

"Thanks for teaching us and sharing your knowledge and personal experiences about the warning signs of a Suicidal individual.


Thank you also for trying to make this world a better place."

Dr. Willena Rembert


Not Vanity

A mental wellness event through exercise, education and resources. 

Mental health isn't just about taking medication or going to therapy for mental wellness.  Exercise is another great way to keep our mental health in check.  

Community Involvement

The Wellness Action Recovery team is heavily involved in the local community through events, classes, seminars, and so much more. 


Taking care of yourself first is vital to your mental health. We advocate the importance of self-care and always encourage our clients to do so. 


Staying active whether through exercise or an enjoyable hobby is vital to keeping up with your mental wellness. 

Through Wellness Action Recovery classes, we help our clients find enjoyable activities to keep their minds active and not idle. 

Putting in
the Work

Our motto isn't "faith without works is dead" for no reason. Wellness Action Recovery puts in the necessary work in the community to raise awareness about mental health and save lives. 

Suicide Prevention 

Our main priority is to raise awareness and prevent suicide. Knowing and teaching the suicidal signs as well as being an advocate for suicidal clients.

Faith without works is dead. 
James 2:26



Declaring WAR on stigma and promoting
self-care by putting in the work